Why ?

why do I write ? I write because I can. This is the one selfish endeavor I indulge in which sometimes can be the least selfish thing I do. I don't look at how many views a post gets, how many people comment, I've never been freshly pressed. I have never taken this seriously. However, … Continue reading Why ?

Every reader there was.

Naive, I picked up a book Daring it to evoke emotion; Asking perhaps her pages to convey something, anything! I'm a convoy on route To promised lands different from my own. A skeptic I am as I board this vessel, I approach it like I do temples and shrines; Quetioned it as I do the … Continue reading Every reader there was.

Synthetic emotions

It's so early in the morningAlmost called to wish you good night;Frantic fingers fighting lewd tunes of a wannabe symphony;A caccaphony- of confessionsBorn of chemical imbalancesBalanced on words strung incoherently.I can't contain this Anymore than a shadow dancing To whims of a distant flame.was my first love after allThe concept of belonging? It is after … Continue reading Synthetic emotions

What is beauty

If not graceAnd simplicity Is Stability justA state to be in? Is it wishful fantasy ... What is calmIf not the eye of the storm. Judgement and longingAre they reflections of realityOr projections of our own uncertainty? Aren't most questions in essence RudimentaryAwaiting pre-thought answers uncounciously? Is everything essentially All that what you want it … Continue reading What is beauty