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For long we have traversed this path,

Hands held tight,

We moved on ahead.

You speak to me,

Nay not a foreign tongue,

Yet what you speak I cannot comprehend!

I reach, I seek

For Someone,

Yet it is not you I seek.

We clutch desperately

And move ahead.

Alas, ‘t is in opposite directions that we proceed.

In this frantic tug of war of conflicting needs

I wonder,

When hands meant to anchor turned to shackles!

For a moment I am alone;

There should be an obligation,

Or maybe a commitment demanded of us…
Yet no such thing exists!

You live, I live

And that’s just how it is !

I am appalled for an instant

At this friendship turned travesty.

Rather  it is a strange transaction this,

A transformation

From strangers, acquaintances, to friends …to strangers once more.

Yet hands held tight

We face each other,

And I wonder, who will be first to break free?


Will we ?!






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The Edge Of Never


I am standing at the edge of Never,

Looking beyond, looking across ,

the endless expanse of the

Immortal Sea.

I take a step forward…

Testing ,hoping, wishing, praying

I look down

To see the black waters churning,

Grinding, Crushing, Eternal waves.

I look up only to be blinded by heavens face.

I try to jump I bend my knees

But fall down in defeat instead.

I ventured out to take a leap of faith,

But was pushed down by my own device instead.

I get up, dust off the rubble,

And venture out a little further again…

I am standing at the edge of Never

And with every two steps forward

I’m pushed down by three instead!

The face of heaven scorches on;

And in the horizon of that

All Encompassing Sea,

I see a lone bird fly.

So free, so powerful, so magnificent that beast,

…All too soon it passes from view….

I look ahead

And standing on that Edge of Never

I say,

Destiny be damned

I write My story

I am Emperor, I am Slave

I am Ruler, Master and Subordinate

I am the Dominant and the Submissive

I am pleasure and I am Pain

Who is Faith?! Who is Kismet?

I run my show, I decide the Game.

All I want, All I seek is Within ME

I am standing at the edge of Never

And I take this leap of faith

And as I pummel into those Eternal depths

I know, the oceans but a pond

and the storms just a breeze.

I know all ‘s in my power

and well within my reach.

I drift on those waters

forever free

My strengths, weaknesses, flaws and virtues

Are not washed by those treacherous waves.

Oh my friends! the water just cleanses;

purges my soul,

Glorifies my victory and showcases my loss.

I stood at the Edge of Never

And now I float in the Sea of Life

I’ll get out and go back  to the cliff again,

Take that leap once-more…!

AN: The title of the poem is inspired by a book of the same name. However that is all that I have borrowed the rest of the poem is purely mine. 🙂

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