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I once had a dream…


I once had a dream
That,I was a child once more
It was a strange dream that;
A vague reminiscence
A nostalgia provoked…
A sense of longing for an era past,
Days of innocence , of an untouched heart;
Where the greatest demons were
Those monsters that hid under my bed.
Some days I wish that dream return
Once more bring with them
peace and joy
But in those days of childhood
Where nothing was mine,
Where an outstretched arm sought help
For errands that today are easily met,
I saw the beauty of that dream
When I see friends around me
Today as I stand on my feet ,
That sense of longing ebbs a little.
When I see the world around me
That I shaped and moulded ,
The life I carved out
Niche by niche
I feel that eternal pathos end.
And in that is replaced
A strange wonderment –
A perspicuous moment this –
Wherein  I see ,
The dream was just that,
An illusory
I once had a dream-
I was child once more
It was a strange dream that
I now realise
But before reality seeped into
My unconscious realm,
I wish I could have that dream
Just ONCE more…!