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Mea Maxima Culpa

Finger nails clawing at my bloody skin,
A pool of blood
A discarded blade
And just one phrase across my chest



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Half Empty

There was once a swing hanging from an old tree,
By the house on fifth street.
And as a little girl everyday I would go to play
On that swing and fly high
Oh so high! Up in the sky !

Until one day the swing broke;
There had been a storm the day before .

A few years later I found a rock
High up on the hill top.
I would stand on it and stare
At the big vast city below;
Marvelling, wondering …Amazed!!

Until one day we left the town
And the hill top far far behind.

I had a fish once, it wasn’t mine per say;
It lived in a pond , just outside school
And I would go to it everyday.
It gave me such joy to have this friend,
It was missing a fin, just so you know.

Until one day I saw a cat by the pond;
The fish was no more .

Many years later I fell in love,married and had a child.
He was a wonderful man, my husband-
Kind generous compassionate
And I love him so !

But one day he came home with a doctor’s report
A year hence, he was no more.

I married several years later
But that love I could never again find.
And now at eighty I lie on this bed
Counting till it’s time.

And every time I think of that swing I curse the storm;
I think of the hill, wishing I could have stayed;
I hate the cat that ate my fish;
But more than that, I hate the disease that stole my love.

Then I realise, I should instead revel
In the euphoria from the swing and hill;
And think instead of my fish and not the cat.
Cherish those memories with my husband
And not dwell on that last year of his life!

But some how, the glass was never half full for me
And all I have in the end is Regret.


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Don’t Forget To Remember Me

Will you remember me,
Long after this day has passed…
Will you remember these words,
These thoughts that I put down now-
A stranger, acquaintance-
Whoever you may be ?

Will you recall me
When your day ends;
To you I am, but
A nameless faceless entity .
I am a thief, a murderer,a convict
Awaiting trial.

For, as you read, I steal !
Your time, your space, your mind!
I hold you captive with these words
No matter how weak my bonds may be…
And YOU are no different my friend,
For, you too steal this time I spend
And take a peak into my deepest sins –
As you invade my privacy that
I risk to share with you,

It’s a consensual theft this –
A strange agreement
As is indeed the life that surrounds us,
Meaningless transactions
That bind and shackle.

Will you remember that girl next door
Who failed to get that Howard degree
Or that old man who always sits on that bench
Perhaps pondering about life ,
and the myriad mysteries it holds.
Or maybe that woman who walked past,
With the cheap perfume and simple shoes…
Or perhaps that little boy down the street ?!

Will any stranger remember YOU?
Without an invention or achievement to your name ?
Without a hefty bank account
Or that ideal philanthropic heart ?

We are all just chemicals,
An experiment gone wrong
And I Know a mundane encounter won’t
Make it into the book of your life.
With tomorrow’s dawn
These words will fade,
Erase from your memory.
And I know you will forget
To Remember Me …