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The Rules Of The Game..

Every action of ours is governed by in inherent purpose – some need to justify why we move, eat , breathe, talk… Perhaps so that in the end when we shuffle of this mortal coil, for that one brief moment between life and death, it would have meant Something. So that this gift of conscience did not go waste.

In our life the choices we make are a by product of our quest in finding the purpose of life We are a by product of a cosmic experiment ( gone wrong ).

We paint our world in shades of black and white. Justify that there is only one right and one wrong. One way to live. We define and re-define the rules of the game. We disobey the rules that we claim to have been written in stone.Its an unconscious thrill we seek- to be different. We control Everything that we can. The nature around us the animals plants , soil, earth , fire, water. And while someone is busy shaping the world around him for his comfort , there is always someone else protesting. We use words that we coined to justify our actions. We smear the board and we rush to clean it. A constant tug of war where no one wins-only ropes being pulled on both sides till the players fall exhausted ; only to be replaced by someone new.

We sacrifice, give up comforts that WE built in the first place. Such hypocrisy. Such a contradiction that in the end the final canvas is a chaotic mess.

But we do it anyway. There no reason as to why I wrote this. Even lesser reason behind the fact that I shared this online. For all I Know, no one will read this…But i write it anyway.
We just ARE, we live until we die. In the end it doesn’t matter or may be it does..Either way this tale of contradiction will continue till one day it won’t. 

May be finding a reason for these wanton needs will make it all matter.

Or may be ..

Its more of a selfish reassurance….