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An unnamed verse…

We live in a delusional land,
One with abundant traps
That ensnare and capture;
A world of deceit ,
That contorts and reshapes ,
Disfigures the best laid plans .

It is a land of unrequited love,
Of rivers of gloom
And clouds of angst, and dearth
Of kindred spirits to wash away our woes,
We lack that humane touch
that aims to soothe.

For if not a sadist masochists
We are!
There is always someone at the receiving end-
Waiting for that inflicted pain.

Shattered mirrors lay at our feet-
Reflecting distorted images of disfigured face-
Unveiling that reality they once withheld.
…A wondrous luminescence
Too horrible to behold.

We claw at the edges
Just so we may bleed.
A thousand shards of derbies;
A river of agony our basic need

We crave that torture,
We envision that pain,
We are the demons hiding behind each saint!
And no matter how pure you may be,
Whiter the shroud, darker the soul within…