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What am I to you?


What am I to you?
If not a sentence
in the parchment of your life,
Am I at least
A smear across a page
A scratch , that mars  your perfect figure.

Feed me lies, drown me in an infinite abyss ,
Make me believe that I can brand you
As my own
If only for a while or two

Tell me that I can disfigure your contour
Shape it to meet
My bodys demand.
Feed me poison from your parted lips
And choke me with lies
But only enough to make me gasp
For those precious few moments
Between life and death

Because with you I’m hollow
Merely a shell of ‘what could have been’
Merely a lump of mater in the grand scheme of things

Feed me lies so that I can breathe!
Push me onto the razors edge;
Hit me, punch me,
But don’t ignore me
The sting of indifference
Bleeds deeper than wounds of flesh…

What AM I TO YOU?.