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Let your love fire your veins
With a passion that sets you aflame
And consumes you:
Whole, merciless and unforgiving.

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In the space between
The atoms that make you;
In the silence that cloaks
The pale moon sky,
In the refugee that you seek
Behind closed eyelids
And in the sound within your grave,
Seek, and you shall find me!

I am the language between lovers
Left with only ‘was’ and ‘could have been ‘.
In me lies secrets never exchanged
And a million stories left unsaid.
I am eternal, all encompassing
Unsubstantial, body-less, soul-less.
When all else shall perish
I’ll remain !
Living endlessly on in
the void that fills
Time and space.

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Fickle is the human mind,

As it flirts with each passing fancy;

Chasing uncouth dreams,

Lost in the delirium of social whims!


In its myriad turns and ordered chaos

There’s more often than naught

A dearth of self –

To which it is either

 Un-enlightened or indifferent.


Whistling bawdy tunes,

Sweet toothed on binary codes,

It’s balanced on a tightrope

Over fire and brimstone.