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We are slipping into a state of confusion wherein the problems we build for our self by far out do those from exogenous strains. We are highly intelligent beings with minds that could reach zenith previously thought insurmountable. And yet these minds have turned mutant, targeting self in the absence of better aim.

Look around you; you’re not the only one plagued by the disease of over-thinking, guilt, jealousy… these are today’s modern world epidemics of actual medical concern. They are real monsters that We built. It is pertinent that mental health should not be a topic of ridicule, but if we come to stage where it is in running in parallel with the likes of diseases like AIDS in terms of morbidity and eventual mortality, WE MUST WAKE UP.

The pharmaceutical companies make their pretty penny shelling out anti psychotic, anti-depressant, anti-“Mental ill-health” meds while we stay the gullible customer eating up the brand names and ‘guaranteed cures’. It’s all chemicals at the end of the day, your body is the chemistry lab; can happiness be really bought ?

Your disease is real, the struggle is real. But the battle is your own to fight so GIVE UP.

The state of denial is one of escape while, the ‘reality’ we build might just be that, an architecture to suit our whims.  The crux of the matter lies in the simple fact that we must STOP. Stop trying, explaining, remembering, forgetting we must stop all that hampers us from living in the now. … Accept the Reality of your situation and learn to live.

The adversities you face, no one can truly understand or comprehend, your pain is not the worst, but you Are hurting. It is for you to accept that you are alone,  you always were, as is everyone else and there is nothing terrible about that. Only in solitude can you appreciate the beauty that is You. Only in seclusion will you learn to enjoy your own company and fall in love with yourself. And when you have, there will be so much more of you for others to love.


Whoever you are out there reading this, going through the joys or sorrows of life, remember to give up once in while at the right times and in the right moments. You are here and you are alive and the world as we know it is not dead (yet). You can win this battles with yourself after all no one knows the enemy better than You 🙂

I don’t wish you a happy day ahead, neither do I wish to lessen your pain; I just hope that you have the will to fight. To let the masks fall, to finally wear the armor and stand tall. I hope that at the end of the day when you emerge out through it all, you are left better, stronger! Be ready to embrace your wounds, battle scars give the best stories to tell.

So go ahead soldier and win this war!



For those of you who have wandered into this site WELCOME ! :)

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