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Fickle is the human mind,

As it flirts with each passing fancy;

Chasing uncouth dreams,

Lost in the delirium of social whims!


In its myriad turns and ordered chaos

There’s more often than naught

A dearth of self –

To which it is either

 Un-enlightened or indifferent.


Whistling bawdy tunes,

Sweet toothed on binary codes,

It’s balanced on a tightrope

Over fire and brimstone.




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Some days like today I’m struck with this urge to organise: everything must have its place and a place for everything. These are the days the house gets rid of massive amount of “junk” wherein any little thing whose existence in the house can’t be justified gets thrown into the trash. Days later I’ll sit trying in vain to recall where I placed my laundry receipt or how the grocery list suddenly disappeared.

Papers lay strewn around me, bleeding ink. Battle wounds formed from wars that lost its vigour half way through. Some of these papers have stains on them from coffee spilt as hand dashed to keep up with the minds narrative. If you look close, you’ll see blotches on the ink as sweat and tears left their scars. Sometimes when the devil pays visit in those lonely nights when ideas cease to flow leaving behind a graveyard of possibilities, these leaves rustle –beckoning. Sometimes Continue reading “Drafts”

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She is a modern girl,
With slashed wrists
And coffee stained teeth.
She belongs to the new generation,
One blue pill for breakfast,
One red pill for dinner.
Anorexic is just another size.

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Chance encounters


The last time I saw you,

I couldn’t say goodbye.

The last time I saw you,

You didn’t drink the coffee I made;

The last time I saw you

I wonder if You saw Me!

We saw each other everyday

The same words addressed –

A cassette on repeat.


Then one day you walked out

And never walked back in!

 Did I tell you how I miss your smile?

Or that simple sentence

That turned from unique to monotony-

By virtue of habit,

As is the metamorphosis of time!


It’s been two years since then

You’re back again,

The same people, the same place

And the same voice,

“One black coffee, no sugar or salt please”

And nothing’s changed, only this time

May be I’ll ask your name…


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Yes I crave for attention

Because I know how slippery a rope it can be!

I strive for perfection,

An unattainable feat!

I want you to know me,

If nothing else, just recognise me

With the mask that I wear.

Don’t you see how much I change

For each and every one of you

A lump of clay, to be moulded

As per your wish

For this a small payment I ask

A hungry artist , this humble self

Just demands to be heard,

Or stared at, long enough to be counted

As more than a passing glimpse

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In Anticipation

I wait

Day in and day out

Watching as the hours bleed into days,

Some days it’s by the window frame

Watching the sun rise and set

Marking yet another day.

On days where I feel brave

I switch on the internet…

But most days I spend

Trying to forget about you…

What’s done can never be undone,

And there remains a little solace in that.

But any-time now, you’ll be here-

A phantom lover, a thousand possibilities

Of what could have been ;

Indeed a tragic heartbreak this!

Yet there still remains that fragment of hope

Even so, as I pen down these words,

my results,

You fill me with dread!

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Carpe Diem

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My dearest daughter,

Long ago there was a girl, on the cusp of adulthood, old by age and yet child at heart

And she penned down these very words,  at which I feel you must at least glance,



Let me die

doing what I do best!

Let me love with a passion,

daring enough that it can set me ablaze,

It is one life, let me brave enough

To truly LIVE!

A life not without regrets , instead

A life I wouldn’t regret living again.

Deny me success,

If it is at the cost of my happiness,

Let me forever feel incomplete –

Just a tiny bit –

So that I strive to quench

that eternal thirst – again and again !

Indeed, just deny me

A life of synchronised monotony.

When the sailor drowns at sea,

Surely he tries to escape,

And as the water drowns his screams –

Arms thrash against the lovers embrace.

And yet! At that instant when

limbs grow too tired to resist

His one true love’s claim of him

He knows, there could have been,

No better way to go!

Had he not denied fate,

An accountant would he have been,

And having met a different demise,

His last words would have been,

“If only ..”

Even if my last breaths are

Of absolute agony,-

Let me Live a life

I’d wish I could relive again !

And before I forget, the girl is me and I found this sheet 60 years too late !

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What am I to you?


What am I to you?
If not a sentence
in the parchment of your life,
Am I at least
A smear across a page
A scratch , that mars  your perfect figure.

Feed me lies, drown me in an infinite abyss ,
Make me believe that I can brand you
As my own
If only for a while or two

Tell me that I can disfigure your contour
Shape it to meet
My bodys demand.
Feed me poison from your parted lips
And choke me with lies
But only enough to make me gasp
For those precious few moments
Between life and death

Because with you I’m hollow
Merely a shell of ‘what could have been’
Merely a lump of mater in the grand scheme of things

Feed me lies so that I can breathe!
Push me onto the razors edge;
Hit me, punch me,
But don’t ignore me
The sting of indifference
Bleeds deeper than wounds of flesh…

What AM I TO YOU?.

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An unnamed verse…

We live in a delusional land,
One with abundant traps
That ensnare and capture;
A world of deceit ,
That contorts and reshapes ,
Disfigures the best laid plans .

It is a land of unrequited love,
Of rivers of gloom
And clouds of angst, and dearth
Of kindred spirits to wash away our woes,
We lack that humane touch
that aims to soothe.

For if not a sadist masochists
We are!
There is always someone at the receiving end-
Waiting for that inflicted pain.

Shattered mirrors lay at our feet-
Reflecting distorted images of disfigured face-
Unveiling that reality they once withheld.
…A wondrous luminescence
Too horrible to behold.

We claw at the edges
Just so we may bleed.
A thousand shards of derbies;
A river of agony our basic need

We crave that torture,
We envision that pain,
We are the demons hiding behind each saint!
And no matter how pure you may be,
Whiter the shroud, darker the soul within…